General Information


Unless otherwise directed by the client, PolyMet Labs will discard all rock and core rejects after 6 months. After which storage charges may apply unless the Client directs PolyMet Labs to either return or dispose of the sample. Return of samples will be charged at cost. Unclaimed samples will be disposed of by PolyMet Labs at no charge.


Free delivery may be available to the client accompanied by a completed Delivery Chain of Custody Form within a 2-3 hrs radius of the Polymet Laboratory. Charges may apply by mutual agreement.


PolyMet Labs will only release data to those who are designated on the PolyMet Labs Request for Analysis Form. The results of any analysis from our Labs are strictly confidential and the sole property of the client. A written letter of approval will be required from the primary contact person if data is to be released to a second or third party. Any changes to the Certificate of Analysis are strictly prohibited.

PolyMet Labs archives all data on an extensive computer system. We will provide additional electronic and hard copies of data, upon request, for up to one year from the date of issue of the Certificate of Analysis. Retrieval of archived data after one year will be subject to a $50.00/hour charge.


Data can be made available to the customer in almost any format without cost. Contact the lab with your specific requirements.

    Mail: Hard copies of your results will be automatically mailed to your office.
    E-Mail: Clients with internet access can receive their data in digital format via email. Call or send us an email request at
    Fax: Results can be faxed to your office the same day they are completed. No charge for faxing within Canada.


PolyMet Labs undertakes that it will keep confidential all client information and analytical results, and that neither PolyMet Labs Inc. nor any of its employees will divulge any client information or analytical results to any third party without prior written consent of the client.


Availability upon request.

Statement of Liability

PolyMet Labs provides an analysis service to customers on the following basis:

The service provided is subject to detection limits and confidence intervals inherent in our current methodology. Because each client is reliant upon assay results for a particular purpose and often in a unique geological or metallurgical context, it is the client's responsibility to inform him or herself fully as to PolyMet Labs' detection limits and confidence intervals relevant to that particular set of assay results.

The service is provided with due care and skill. However, any liability of PolyMet Labs for breach of any condition or warranty implied by statute is limited to supplying the service again or paying the cost of having the service supplied again. The customer releases and exempts PolyMet Labs from any other civil liability for any error or negligence.

PolyMet Labs will take all reasonable precautions to protect samples and rejects during analysis and storage but will incur no liability for loss, deterioration, or damage thereto from any cause whatsoever.

Submitting Samples

For convenience and to improve turnaround time, a Request for Analysis (Chain of Custody) can be downloaded from the website.

Pack the samples securely, ensuring that each sample is clearly labelled with a sample number. Please identify any high-grade samples; this helps us to reduce the risk of cross-contamination. If using pop top vials or glass bottles, ensure that they are taped shut and protected from breakage. Sealed plastic bags are best for shipping pulps.

Sample submissions poorly labelled or packaged, or having incomplete to no submission sheets may not be processed until adequate written instructions are received from the client and may incur additional sorting charges.

General Sampling Guidelines
  • Ensure that sample containers or mineral sample envelopes are well sealed so that they do not leak.
  • Label all sample containers clearly with non-removable markings - with your sample identification as a minimum. Permanent (black) marker can be used.
  • Complete sample submission or Chain-of-Custody forms with all requests.
  • Pack the samples carefully in a transport cooler or box, to avoid sample loss due to leakage or breakage. Rock samples can be submitted in heavy-duty polyethylene bags, cloth, or polyolefin bags. Rice bags are convenient for shipping rock samples.
  • Please provide a detailed list of all samples submitted and the required analyses. This list can be sent as e-mail attachment and will speed up order processing.
Requesting Analysis

Using a PolyMet Labs Request for Analysis Form, or a form of your own, identify: 

  • Your name or the name of the company
  • Contact person and phone number; fax number and e-mail address are also helpful
  • Type of samples
  • Type of analysis
  • Any special instructions
  • Whether rejects and/or pulps should be stored or discarded upon completion of analysis
  • Distribution of Reports (fax, e-mail); a hard copy will be mailed.
Sample Shipping

Complimentary shipping labels and requisition forms are available at no charge.

Samples may either be delivered to PolyMet Labs in person or sent by mail, bus, train or courier to the address below:

    PolyMet Labs
    1 Presley Street
    P.O. Box 699
    Cobalt, Ontario
    P0J 1C0 Canada
A FREE pick-up service for samples is available within 100-300 km radius of our lab in Cobalt. Delivery and costs of sample transportation is preferred to be the responsibility of the client.