Statement of Liability

PolyMet Labs provides an analysis service to customers on the following basis:

The service provided is subject to detection limits and confidence intervals inherent in our current methodology. Because each client is reliant upon assay results for a particular purpose and often in a unique geological or metallurgical context, it is the client's responsibility to inform him or herself fully as to PolyMet Labs' detection limits and confidence intervals relevant to that particular set of assay results.

The service is provided with due care and skill. However, any liability of PolyMet Labs for breach of any condition or warranty implied by statute is limited to supplying the service again or paying the cost of having the service supplied again. The customer releases and exempts PolyMet Labs from any other civil liability for any error or negligence.

PolyMet Labs will take all reasonable precautions to protect samples and rejects during analysis and storage but will incur no liability for loss, deterioration, or damage thereto from any cause whatsoever.