At Polymet Labs Inc., our plant facilities have the capability of crushing, grinding and blending raw materials into a single homogeneous lot. The material is then weighed, measured, analyzed and metallurgically tested in the fire and chemical assay laboratory to identify the exact precious metal content.

The company has the capability to acquire, process and bulk-sample mined ore and mill concentrate feedstocks containing minerals and metals such as: Precious Metals (Gold, Silver, Platinum Group Metals) as well as the Base Metals (Cobalt, Copper, Zinc, Lead and Nickel); but also it can handle Magnetite-Titanium ores, Ferroalloy wastes and/or by-products, Rare Earths, Industrial Minerals, Diamond-bearing Kimberlitic feedstocks.

The PolyMet plant can also process and bulk-sample precious metals from recycled materials such as discarded computer components, electrical plastic and ceramic connectors, photography and x-ray film waste and various other electronic components. The plant is particularly well suited to handle precious metal and base-metal slag and refinery brick waste by-products.

PolyMet has a developed, dry process which converts ordinary landfill material into two economically useful products: precious metal concentrate and metal bullion which is then ready for resale to the open market.

The fully permitted and licensed PolyMet plant also houses a micro smelter that is capable of producing precious metal bullion.

The unique design of our facility provides PolyMet with the competitive advantage of being able to provide bulk sampling, assaying, processing (crushing, grinding, processing, screening), drying and smelting all combined in one location.

PolyMet is capable of sampling and processing a wide range of materials from small volume lots to large tonnage lots produced by the mining and recycling industries. The material can be crushed and ground down to various mesh sizes (usually 20 mesh) and blended into one homogenous lot that can be metallurgically tested and analyzed. The flexible design of our facility and equipment accommodates the ability to switch over production quickly, easily, and efficiently than most other large scale operations. Therefore, PolyMet can meet the demands of the market segment that is not economically serviced by other refiners and smelters. We are pleased to provide a quote on your analytical needs of any size.